about Us

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XR Technica is a products and solutions company operating in the domains of frontier technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial intelligence, IOT and Haptics. A world where technology is no longer limited to anything inhabits the space around us, transcending limitations that restricts humanity from taking complete advantage of technology.

Healthcare, Gaming, Education, Enterprises, etc. are some of the dominant sectors XR Technica has succeeded, and we promise an extraordinary solution for your organisation with our effective services. XR Technica has experience in various technologies including 3D Animations, Stereoscopic imaging, Simulation Games and MOCAP Systems.

We assist organisation to run their business efficiently by providing solutions using VR, AR, MR and AI technologies to achieve the goal. We also provide VR Training Solutions, VR Medical Training Stimulator with haptics and much more to improve profit and productivity. We have a group of energetic, dynamic and active creative engineers and developers who share their passion for VR, AR, MR and AI.